Why Men Give Women Chocolate?

For generations men have been giving women chocolate to show their affection for them. Chocolate makers love to see Birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day come around. They know that it’s money in their pockets. It’s as common a gift as flowers and diamonds when a man wants to apologize or make up for something. But what is it about chocolate that’s made it the symbol of love? Is it more than just a modern marketing ploy?

One chemical in chocolate is phenethylamine. It acts like a antidepressant and makes us feel good. Another chemical in chocolate is anadamine. It also contributes to feelings of well being and euphoria. These chemicals encourage the brain to produce serotonin which encourages feelings of well being. These chemicals combine to give women many of the same feelings as being in love. So you can see why men are so keen to give it as a present!

Research shows that the chocolate melting in your mouth causes an increase in your brain activity and in your heart rate. The chocolate increases these even more than hot and heavy kissing does.

This phenethylamine has the same affects as a sexual stimulant. Women who eat chocolate have been found to have more interest in sex. They have higher levels of desire and arousal. They also reported greater satisfaction.

Chocolate makes women feel better, helps relieve stress, helps get them in a romantic mood and results in greater pleasure and satisfaction. Why would any man not want to give chocolate to the woman heís in a relationship with or cares about?

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