Excellent information on the chocolate entrance! Chocolate is excellent for you. Beneath particular conditions. Katherine Tallmadge, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, states, in the February 9, 2005, WASHINGTON Post, that “cacao, or cocoa beans, consist of ‘flavanols,’ obviously transpiring plant compounds also located in tea, purple wine, and apples. […]

French ice cream sundaes might include any combination of flavors, sorbets, syrups, nuts and even alcohols. There really is no limit. However, there are some popular combinations that you are quite likely to find on the menu if you visit an ice cream parlor (glacier) in France. These classic sundaes […]

Throughout its history, Boston has been linked to beans. Surely the lowly legume is not the sort of association city forefathers would have sought when striving to cast their city’s mark in the New World. But find each other they did — as evidenced by the names Beantown, Boston baked […]