The Perfect Soup Tureen & Ladle

Soup Tureens present an elegant and traditional table and if you’re clever and a little creative you’re sure to find a very special one that will match your soup style but also provide the practical requirements. The perfect soup tureen will hold a minimum of 2 quarts of soup, offer sturdy protruding handles, a well fitting lid and should stand as a visual center piece on your table. We highly recommend a 2 quart size, its perfect for serving without over filling the soup tureen or presenting a meal that looks 1/2 there – its “just right” for most family’s needs.

A tureen should be built to last a lifetime, and should contain heat fairly well. Be sure a chosen soup tureen offers a slot for your soup ladle to rest. Many “soup pots” lack the ladle slot and will create annoying, messy headaches for years to come.

Be sure the handles are sturdy and protrude sufficiently to secure a firm grip. Keep in mind you will be carrying 2+ quarts of very hot liquid, dainty slim handles are a hazard over the long term.

As a reminder to help you judge soup tureen sizes:

1 qt. = 32 oz. 2 qts. (1/2 gal.) = 64 oz. 1 gal. (4 qts.) = 128 oz.

When thinking “soup ladle” think of a two: one for cooking and one for serving. The perfect cooking soup ladle is a minimum of 12″ in height, allowing for use in tall stock pots. (greater than 12″ in length is even better.) It should also sport a hook at the end of the handle, allowing you to hook it onto your stockpot, keeping it handy for frequent use and keeping the handle out of the hot liquid.

For serving, our kitchen prefers an 8 oz soup ladle that is a minimum of 10″ in length, and we like to get a little crazy with style. Make a statement, a memorable impression, get guest talking – use the serving soup ladle, just like your tureen to show a little attitude at that table. An 8 oz. ladle bowl holds about one serving size. No hook necessary for the ladle, but the handle should be sufficiently long to extend beyond your tureen, without sliding into the soup, or making it difficult to reach.

Yes, you can be predictable with your serving ladle. Many soup tureens include matching ladles. But with a little creativity and artistry, you can find a stunning antique, or a hand made piece that will feel excellent in the hand, look beautiful on your table. No need to be practical when choosing a ladle for serving at the table, go for style!  If you’d like to look over our ladle selection, click here.  You’ll find over 300 different functional and stylish items to choose from.

Alicia D. Walker

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