Quantum Soup for the Mind

No, this is not an endearing story, although it may be… or a special recipe to help bring back your memory. It’s about life and everything it encompasses. In fact, this is about not only life but the entire universe from beginning to end and how you will soon see how we truly are one and the controller of the Jeannie in the Bottle.

Quantum Soup, it is the stuff that is all around us, in us, what everything is made of, down to the smallest level, everything is energy. There are laws that govern that energy that are unfailing and immutable. Those same laws have been here from the beginning of time, which is proven to be an illusion… time that is. Without mass there is no time. Have you ever gone to sleep and woke up a minute later, to find out you had slept nine hours. Time is in the mind.

Scientifically, we are all one and the same. If you looked at the makeup of a rock, a wall, water, you, me, anything… you would see all the same stuff. At an atomic level, at the quantum level…it is all moving and ever changing.

In the laboratory of Quantum Physics, it is impossible to carry on a blind experiment without affecting the outcome because the moment it is observed it changes and is affected by the observer. How? By observation, focus… our thoughts.

The word quantum by definition is “the smallest discrete quantity of a physical property such as electromagnetic radiation or angular momentum”.

Time as it relates to this conversation is about experience.

The famous Einstein had been thinking about time and relative motion since he was a boy. He posed the thought experiment based on a tram moving at the speed of light away from a clock showing noon. What would the clock show to the people on the tram – hence what would be that frame’s relative time?

Have you ever asked three people to describe the same experience and found that each experience was different?

What is found is there is no time, time is in the mind. The only reason there is an experience of time is because you are having an experience in it, right now. When that experience is done it is still right now. You can’t live in the past because it is right now. You can’t live in the future because everything is now. When the future comes it is still right now… see! Many live in the past or fear the future or some future time or condition. In doing so they are creating the happening or condition.

Many teachers, both spiritual and philosophical have taught us to be, here, now. Not to worry about the past or the future.

So what does quantum soup or Quantum Physics have to do with any of this? Well, if you don’t know what you are made up of and what the world is made up of around you… if you are not aware of how it comes together, or the laws governing it, you may think that you are a victim of circumstance or condition, that you have been dealt certain cards beyond your control. This could not be farther than the truth. There is no such thing as condition as you will soon see as everything already is. If it already is then there can’t be a condition of isn’t because it already is.

You are in direct control and have the ability to manipulate your world as you see fit. It is science. There is nothing outside yourself that you need in order to do this, you don’t need money, or friends, or anything other than what you already have. Everything you need is within you and it all binds on awareness and free will. We are all one and since that is so, what every your desire, someone else has the desire to give it to you… we are all made up of the same stuff.

Everything that you desire is already here. Do you desire happiness, it is here. Do you desire riches, it is here. Do you desire an amazing lover, it is here. Do you desire a strong muscular body, it is already here. It is a matter of awareness. See, everything is happening right now, all possibilities and you are in control. Every outcome has already happened.

I heard a great description in a CD I just listened to… “Imagine you are a pencil and there is a paper of endless possibilities scattered all over the paper. You are wrapped in the paper and have only one eye to see the current possibility… your life the way it is now. What if the pencil developed multiple eyes to see all the other possibilities… those desires you have now… see reread the last five words… desires YOU HAVE NOW. Now substitute the eyes on the pencil for consciousness… awareness.” Your focus and attention, just as in the laboratory, affects your outcome on life. It is all awareness and conscious; having a wealth, wholeness, love, happy consciousness.

This is a very important statement and I want you to listen to it carefully as you read it, “Your world now, is your thoughts prior to this moment”. Look around your world and you will see what you really think or thought, prior to this moment. Suffering is just an error in thinking out-pictured. It is how your inner self gets your attention so that you can correct it. Think of suffering as an opportunity to recreate yourself and your world.

Everything physical comes from inside ourselves. There is no such thing as wealth or money or health or happiness. It is an illusion of something else…a mirror. These things are just the outside value of what we truly think of ourselves inside. Same goes with love. If you have had a bad experience lately, ask yourself, what have I done or thought to create this experience. Be honest, it is just you and your Self in private and correct it.

See, we are all made up of quantum soup and the higher power of the universe, many call God, is non-judging and all giving. We truly have free will. It doesn’t matter what we want or desire, we can have it because the laws of this universe are always exacting and precise. They never make a mistake and there are no victims. If you use these laws there is nothing that you can’t have or not have in your life. You will soon find out that the word want and desire do not have the same meanings. Words are so powerful.

We are not here to want, need or suffer, but to experience only the best. So let’s get started on how.

We know now, there are certain laws and we control those laws, like the Jeannie in the bottle. We are responsible.

We know that everything is now. So the next stop in learning is to know how to work with these laws to change our lives.

First what ever we think about we bring about. Imagine if you just went through life like a programmed little robot. Got up, ate breakfast, drove to work, worked, drove home, ate dinner, watched TV, and went to bed. Suppose in that time frame you were thinking a number of things that others think like…

“Oh, got to get up now, go to work, pay those bills!” or

“I am so sick and tired of Joanie, I don’t know what to do!” or

“I hope the car doesn’t break down again, I am going broke trying to keep up!” or

“This relationship is too good to be true; I hope John doesn’t leave me for someone else!”

I think you get my drift. See whatever you focus on you attract and the universe doesn’t read don’t or no, it only reads what you focus on like BILLS, SICK, TIRED, CAR BREAKING DOWN, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, JOHN LEAVE ME.

If you have no thoughts or mixed thoughts, it is like going to the deli and saying, “I would like a pound of ham and a pound of… no, no, no… I mean I would like a half a pound of cheese and… well no forget that… I think I want some potato salad and maybe… well I am not sure if I have enough for that and….” Can you see how during the course of a day your thoughts may be like a confusing trip to the deli and what you end up getting is nothing! Your quantum soup is all mixed up!

How many people do you think have mindless uncontrolled thoughts in the course of a day? A lot! Look around you. If you want things different from those mixed results you better stop doing what every one else does.

Everything has to be in line and non contradictory. This may seem a bit at first but with repetition comes results. If you are thinking how it would be wonderful to have a loving relationship yet believe deep down that you don’t deserve a loving relationship, you again are sending mixed signals to the universe and end up with nothing! Not to mention that there is no future, just now, so if you were thinking how wonderful it WOULD BE… Your wish is answered, it WOULD BE wonderful but it isn’t. Try thinking, Thank you for this wonderful loving relationship and as you think that, visualize exactly who that would be with, what it would feel like NOW and how grateful you feel for it. Day Dream!

What if you wanted to buy a car, and went to the dealer and said, “I want a car!” and the salesman said, “What kind would you like?” and you just looked at him like a deer in headlights. That is what you do daily to the universe and we won’t even go over changing your mind again.

You have to know with certainty, what you desire and consistently. If you desire a car and want the universe to bring it to you, create it in detail in your mind. Know exactly what that car should look like so you can give the universe enough to work with. Know deep down that you deserve that car and it doesn’t matter what it costs because that is for the universe to work out.

Imagine, visualize, day dream, every day, what it would be like driving that car. Hang pictures around you of it, it will help to keep it fresh in your mind. Go drive it at the dealership. Like the artist, don’t just paint a home, paint a scene… put the trees, and pond and birds and sun. Give the universe something to work with.

Don’t worry how it’s to come about, that is the universe’s job. You have to see and believe.

Always live in the now, this car is not in the future, it is right now. You must know that you already have it. Driving it and feeling the feeling while remembering IS part of it.

Don’t want. To want is a constant state of want. The universe is like a Jeannie in the bottle, if you say, “I want a car.”, the Jeannie will then say, “OK, SO BE IT, YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND…YOU WANT A CAR!”

Look up the words want and desire. They are much different. Send, think and believe the right orders.

Be careful what you say. Anything with I AM after it is the most powerful words even said in jest.

Visualize, Control Your Thinking, Have Faith, Live In the Now!

The universe does not know I don’t. It only knows whatever you focus on. It doesn’t know “I don’t want debt”… it just brings you what you focus on which is debt!

You can help reprogram your ego or outer mind with affirmations…


Decide right now to BE! Just Be! You can, just as easily as you decide to be happy or sad; you can decide to be Wealth or Whole or Healthy.

Stop thinking sick thoughts, thoughts of scarcity, thoughts of being undeserving. Forgive yourself and others. Don’t hold anything. Anything held and not released grows in the body… cancer out-pictured!

Be grateful for what you have right now! Gratitude works amazingly well. Change your mind and your world will change around you. Don’t fear, fear is living in the future, all there is IS now. There is nothing to fear. It is all worked out. You already have it as is reflected in this quote…”Before you ask, it is given!”

Start living life differently. Control what you think. Surround yourself with positive people of like mind. Stop watching so much bad news and TV. Read uplifting books. Start visualizing what you desire. Don’t Want or Need ANYTHING. Remember, you have it already; it is all just awareness …”Before you ask, it is given!”

Live in the moment. Affirm what you desire in the now. I AM.

Clean your inner house. Things you have put aside because they were too hurtful, or sad, or people you never forgave, especially yourself, give it up. Remember Einstein’s example, everyone is really having a different experience and not in the same place you were when whatever experience was happening. Write it all down and release it. Burn the paper, delete the file. That was the past and that ended a moment ago.

Make a collage of your desires and feel all the emotion, the happiness and gratefulness in them, already here for you, but stay detached. Meaning, don’t get tied up with when they will happen, if they will happen or the fear of them not happening, just know they will and be grateful for your present moment.

We are not our emotions or fears and don’t confuse your emotions with your feelings. Feelings are important. Find out what you love, what you desire and go inside and see how you feel about it. Get in touch with your inner self. We talk about that gut feeling. Your gut feeling will never lead you astray but your mind will. Get out of your mind. Use your feelings as a guide to your purpose in life. Do these things and your life will change in the way you desire it. Be who you really are, an amazing being that has control of his or her world. We deserve the very best!

Alicia D. Walker

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