Keemun Black Tea From China – Caffeine Content, Health Benefits, And Other Properties

Keemun is a sort of Chinese black tea, originating in Qimen county of Anhui Province, China. This article gives an overview of the caffeine content material, overall health benefits, and other properties of Keemun.

Keemun is mostly produced in Anhui province, but teas in this fashion have also begun to be made in nearby Hubei, as nicely as in Jiangxi, and even in Taiwan. Keemun is ordinarily explained as owning an earthy aroma, and its in general character is pretty different from Indian and Ceylon teas. My personal viewpoint is that Keemun has a richer, warmer high-quality, frequently reminiscent of dried fruit, and in higher grades, a pleasing hint of wooden or wooden smoke. These teas are wealthy and entire-bodied, and are between my favorite black teas.

Caffeine information:

Even though you might be hunting for far more concrete info, it is really hard to generalize about the caffeine articles of Keemun. Even although it originates mostly in a person location and shares certain areas of production, Keemun is quite assorted, coming in diverse grades. As a normal rule however, Keemun is generally in the reasonable to high conclude of caffeine information, among teas, which suggests that it continue to has significantly a lot less caffeine than a usual cup of coffee. Keemun has historically been made use of in breakfast blends, where strongly caffeinated teas were ideal

Wellbeing gains:

Keemun has really been the subject of immediate scientific analyze., in association with weight loss in animal experiments. There is only a tiny quantity of research referring specially to this selection of tea, however, so most of what can be mentioned about Keemun ought to be inferred from basic reports about black tea.

Despite the fact that eco-friendly tea has a more robust affiliation with supposed “health and fitness positive aspects” in the general public consciousness in the United States, this affiliation could be skewed by historical factors. Considerably of the early analysis on tea and well being was done in Japan, the place tea is synonymous with environmentally friendly tea. Subsequent exploration has identified considerable evidence that black tea is balanced as well. In the absence of extra reserach specifically hunting at Keemun, it would seem reasonable to conclude that Keemun is probable to have a comparable amonut of wellness positive aspects to black tea.

Locating substantial-top quality Keemun:

My advice, if you want to invest in the greatest Keemun, is to obtain solely free-leaf. My practical experience is that the ideal Keemun is ordinarily marketed by businesses that focus in Chinese tea. For the reason that they retail outlet fairly well, Chinese black teas, even all those of considerably significant top quality, are likely to be relatively reasonably priced, with all but the optimum grades (Keemun Hao Ya A and B, and Keemun Mao Feng) costing very well under $10 for about 1/4 pound or about 100-125 grams. A handful of businesses, which include Rishi Tea, Arbor Teas, and Very little Pink Cup, provide truthful trade qualified Keemun, manufactured in Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangxi provinces, respectively.

Alicia D. Walker

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