Jesus Supplies All Your Needs

Open your Bible to Philippians 4:19 it says… And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

God is always at work in your life to do something for your good and His glory. There is truly no one who knows your needs better than He does. You see, God wants ordinary people to tell other ordinary people about the Goodness of Jesus! Say, Hallelujah! Jesus has so much more for you than what the world has to offer.

Jesus is your Loving Shepherd and He takes care of your every need. He wants you to always rely on His power. He can do things for you, that you could never do on your own. Every time you have a need moment or lack moment that is an opportunity for you to call on Jesus. He wants you to call on Him and to trust Him with each burden, each problem, each set-back, each failure.

What have you asked Him for today? God knows what you need before you request anything. His arms are open wide to take you as you are and give you the help you need. Ask Him to make you aware of the new blessings He has for you. How? Ask through the name of Jesus! You see, Jesus Christ is the Communicator of the Goodness of God. It gives Him pleasure to see you prosper and live a blessed life to be a blessing.

Never forget God has many different ways to help you. New ways that you never thought of. God is not a barely get by God! He is not a just enough God! You have to start expecting God’s Goodness to go to work for you through Jesus.

God can supply your needs in spite of your circumstances. That situation doesn’t have the final say. Jesus does! You may have a situation where all the odds are against you. But God can show up and turn your situation around for your good.

You have to stir up your faith! You must have an expectation that God is going to do something according to His Word for you. Yes, you have new levels of victory in Christ Jesus. Despite any difficult situations. The power of God can bring change and refresh your life.

God has special blessings stored up for you right now! Where? Riches in glory in Christ Jesus! Jesus will meet you where you are and will help you get to where you need to be. You see, the Bible is filled with scriptures encouraging you to seek Jesus. He is always Good and He knows what you need. Regardless of who you are or what condition your life is in right now.

Jesus is willing and able to show up for you! He has made a habit of doing wonderful things for people. He is the God of ALL SUPPLY! Thank God that He is the Giver of ALL GOOD GIFTS! You don’t need to be troubled or discouraged. You don’t need to be under pressure. You don’t need to be stressed-out. But, here’s what you need to do. Turn your concerns over to Jesus! Now raise your hands and say, “God will supply my needs through the riches of Jesus”.

Alicia D. Walker

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