Ice Cream, Chocolate and Anxiety

You say it: these three words do not seem to have anything in common. All the same, I have to use them together, as you do so.

In fact, I got to know from sufferers of anxiety that many of them get more anxiety symptoms when they eat these sweets.

The same thing can be said of drinking coffee. The drink contributes to anxiety. If coffee is taken as a short espresso, like the Italians do, it has no influence on the nervous system. On the other hand, if you brew your coffee the American way, too much caffeine is solved in the water and then it can harm you. If you limit the intake of this coffee, it is ok. Limiting it, means not to drink more than a maximum of two cups. If you have the same problems with these food stuffs, just try not to intake them.

There are many other good sweet nutrients or stimulating drinks or foods that do not  harm your body and especially do not harm your nervous system.

Instead of eating ice cream, try a soft ice which is less cold. Or try to drink ovaltine instead of eating chocolate. By the way, ovaltine is now also available as a crunchy snack. It does not  do any harm to you and it also gives you some vitamins. The ones which are good for your nerves. And it does not  contain white sugar. Sugar as such is good for people with anxiety, stress and panic attacks.  However, it is better to use fruit sugar or cane sugar instead of white sugar. You can also find cookies made with fruit sugar.

Ginger root may also be a good alternative. It is not sweet but it gives you the stimulus you otherwise receive from coffee. Try ginger root bathed  in a (sugary) syrup. One must get used to the flavor. If you like it, it will help you in many ways. First, it stimulates you when you are very tired. It satisfies you with its sweetness. Then it helps you boost your immune system. You will not eat truckloads of it which is good for your weight.

Just a little piece of chocolate (possibly the dark one)  may be calming your system and help your brain.If you have got heart problems, dark chocolate is good for it. It protect your heart and blood vessels. The chocolate must be dark, in other words, do not  eat milk chocolate. The cocoa contained in it must be above 80 %.

You see, there are a lot of good food stuffs which can help you overcome anxiety and stress. If eaten with moderation, they do not cause any gain of weight.

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