How To Grow Sprouts With The Biosta Seed Sprouter

So you want to learn how to grow sprouts. It is not hard, and is actually very interesting seeing a tablespoon of organic broccoli seed turn into enough broccoli sprouts for a salad in 5 or six days. Mung beans are great for salads also but require a vertical style sprouter. The Biosta seed sprouter is a good sprouter to start with if this is your first time sprouting.

This sprouter is very easy to use. It consist of 3 round grow trays with an 8 inch diameter and about an inch deep. These trays stack on top of each other if you want to grow more than one tray at a time. A fourth tray is your base and resorvoir. The trays of sprout seeds stack on top of this base reservoir.

Alfalfa sprouts are super nutritious. It only takes 7 days for ready to eat alfalfa sprouts. Packed full of minerals, enzymes and green chlorophyll. Alfalfa sprouts grow well in a Biosta sprouter.

Soak your sprouting seeds overnight in water. There are three trays to use but just start with one or two your first couple of times. Drain the water from your seeds. Start with a tablespoon of organic sprouting seed in each tray. Stack and set anywhere that is out of the way and room temperature. No special light requirement.

8 hours later, water the top tray until full. The water will drain down through each chamber and collect in the reservoir at the bottom. Empty the bottom chamber of water and rinse and repeat every 12 hours.

Watch as your Biosta takes a small amount of seeds and perform the miracle of life in the plant world, Germination. Your sprouts will come to life with little tails and start to grow. This will happen quickly, each day you will see a difference with your sprouts as they grow.

With this three tier sprouter there is limited vertical space for sprout growth. If you want to grow radish sprouts, broccoli sprouts or bean sprouts, you will need to grow these in the top tray so they can reach straight up as they grow. The lower sprouting trays are good for soybean sprouts, garbanzo beans and green pea shoots.

You will learn how to grow sprouts by doing and observing. Each time you try a new kind of sprout, make a mental note about the growing process and the end result. If you had issues with one kind of sprouting seed, you can simply stop using it.

How to grow sprouts is as easy as you want to make it. You can grow sprouts for pennies and use homemade sprouters or invest anywhere from 25 – 300 dollars on a sprouting system that takes all the work out of the sprouting. The Biosta seed sprouter is great introduction to sprouting.

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