Handmade Card Making Supplies

Most of the handmade card making supplies mentioned here,you probably already have, either on hand or around the house. Don’t run out to the store and buy them before looking around…

I’m sure you’ll find card making supplies that you can use to create your very own creative cards…

Below are card making supplies I’ve listed that most people use to create cards…


Discover card making paper supplies.

Different types of paper you can use to be creative…

You can walk into any craft store and see that they have big varieties of all sorts of paper, from plain to glitter to decorative to extra thin rice paper. It’s an endless choice…

I sometimes can’t resist the temptation of buying all these different types of paper, but in the end they intend to be costly! You figure they range from 59 cents to 1.99 per single sheet! That’s crazy!

I like to be budget minded and get more for what I am spending. It’s good to do bargain with different craft stores before making a purchase. But some of us, have to go out of our way to do so!…

Tip: Use what you have and wait for sales and discounts…

Card making paper supplies can be bought in bulk, stocks and kits. Sometimes we see the kits and we only want certain designs or textures. Then we turn to individual paper and you end up spending $20 for 20 sheets when you can spend $20 and get 200 sheets.

I learned that when you buy it by the pack you not only save, you find the use of all the other creative designs for future cards!

Tip: Always keep your scraps. They come in handy for decorative punches, collages and even your envelopes! Use your scraps to decorate your envelopes…So you’ll never waste or throw away paper!

After awhile paper can be costly, so try to make every use of it, by recycling them and reusing them for other projects!

Purchasing card making paper supplies…

Card Stocks

They are more ridged than paper. They can be glossy, regular mats or adhesive mats, textured or glittered. You can buy them already cut or as a whole sheet. They offer card stocks by dark colors, pastel or by themes, school, baby and so fort and range from different sizes

Card Kits

Card kits are pre-folded card stocks. Same as basic blank cards. They come with matching envelopes.

Some Craft stores also offer kits with decorative paper and die-cuts for a flat price ranging from 3.99 to 5.99! These are good for gifts, beginners or even kids!

Card making paper supplies are everywhere…Get them at any craft stores near you or here online…

There are many creative projects you can create using different types of paper…

I hope you found this site helpful for your creative card ideas!

Remember, Many trees are being cut down to help us create our creations! Please Recycle!


Create homemade envelopes that match your creative cards… Instead of giving standard size envelopes that are plain. Why not use your left over scraps to decorate it… Turn your envelopes into a work of art!

Tip: If you are mailing your creative cards, be sure not to decorate over the places where we would write the address to and from and where the postal stamp goes. Be sure to weigh it before mailing it out as the postage may vary!

One day I had left over scraps from creating a birthday card. I said to myself, I don’t want the card to be very nice and the envelope will look very plain. So I decided to take all the scraps I had left over from that one birthday card and created my very own unique envelope!

You can do almost anything with your envelope, by using multiple handmade card making supplies.

Cutting Mat / Craft Knifes / Scissors / Trimmers

When creating cards, good cutting tools are important. Here are some basic card making tools you’ll need to get a neat professional look.

Cutting – Mat

Cutting Mats come in various sizes and are available at any craft stores. Choose one that is big enough for cutting big sized paper. I have a 23inches x 23inches blue mat with measurement squares that I have placed on my work table. It’s a perfect size!

Tip: You might consider purchasing a smaller one for travel or smaller pieces of paper

Craft Knife / Scissors

Craft knives and scissors is a must for card cutting tools. Many crafters like myself like to use X-Acto craft knives. It is great for detailed paper cutting or to cut big sheets of paper

For those who have difficulty handling sharp knives, I would advise that you use an X-Acto knife that is safer than a surgical scalpel.

Tip: I found out that many crafters go to local medical suppliers and purchase KAI no. 3 surgical knife and blades, that intend to last quite some time

Scissors is another type of cutting tool that vary in fancy designs. It is use for basically all cutting purposes. Use a big pair for cutting big sheets and use a small sharp one for cutting small, detailed pieces of work…

Important: Please keep all sharp objects away from children!

Tip: If you don’t have any caps for your knives use bottle corks. It will prevent any type of incident

Paper Trimmers / paper Cutters

A paper cutter is another one of my daily cutting tools. It is good for cutting photos, precision cutting and different sizes of paper. I use it to pre-cut big sheets of paper to direct sizes for all my card making.

I hope you find the right cutting tools you need to make neat professional cuts for all your creative cards!

Adhesives / Tapes / Glue sticks

Adhesives, tape and glue sticks are basic handmade card making supplies needed for most creative card projects. Whether you do a collage or just a simple creative photo card…More Info

Finding the right card making glue and adhesives is important. You want your creative cards to last as long as possible and with the right glue and adhesives, you will help ensure that!

Here is a guide to help you choose the right card making glue and adhesives that you can find in any craft store.

Understand the differences between types of glues, tapes and spray adhesives…I did not list any particular brand to use as everyone prefer different types.

Use this guide to experiment your own brand of one and use it to your budget needs and one that fits your type of project!

Let’s begin…

Double-sided Adhesive Tape

When we here tape most of us think Scotch tape. Double sided adhesive tape is great for photos and sticking paper to paper.

Many scrap bookers and myself like to use this type of tape. It can be costly. I prefer not to use to many double sided tape for card making. Only when creating creative photo cards.

Tip: Scotch tape can be used for all creative card making, if you prefer to use single sided tape!

Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are CHEAP and easy to use. It various in size that range from glue stick pens to wide dispenser type of glue sticks. There are also colored glue sticks that help, especially when working with kids.

I personally don’t like to use glues sticks when creating cards because it’s not permanent. It does not stick as well, neither does It bond very securely. I prefer, you use other types of card making glues and adhesives. But this is Great for kids!

Hot Glue

Hot glue comes in the form of solid sticks of glue that are put through a glue gun to be heated and used. I use hot glue guns for all my card making crafts. It is great for embellishments ( like buttons & flowers, etc…) and I save money comparing to buying tape…

Glue guns are relatively cheap, you could get a glue gun and glue sticks at most craft stores from $3 – $10. Glue sticks usually comes in packages of 25 -100 for a few more dollars.

The glue will create spider like strings, but don’t worry it can be easily rubbed off. They also offer glitter glue sticks that can be used with your hot glue gun, otherwise it’s clear…

Rubber Cement

Rubber cement is thick and creamy glue that dries clear. It can form either a permanent or temporary bond depending on how it is applied

It comes in a dark brown jar and a cap with a attached brush applicator. It can be messy and is ideal for all paper crafting. I personally don’t use it for any creative cards as I’ve always been unlucky with it sticking permanently. Also the smell can be overwhelming after an extended period of time

Self Adhesive Foam Mounting Squares or Circles

Self adhesive foam are usually made of thick foam and are sticky on both sides. They come in various sizes. I don’t use any of these!


For budget minded people: I buy regular foamies that are 2mm thick and cost me only .49 cents! For a sheet sized at 9 x 12. I cut them to however size or shape I need it, then I add some glue from my glue gun and it’s good to go! I buy 2 sheets of white or black and it lasts me for est. 30 cards

It’s great for 3-d effects and to make anything you want to pop! You can stack it on top of each other for additional height. Also great for lettering.

Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive can be used for paper, photos even fabric. I’ve never used spray adhesive for any of my creative cards because I feel it is better to use it for larger projects such as posters, large photos, or creative boxes.

I have seen it done by other card lovers! And it turned out just fine. Hopefully I’ll get to feature a card using spray adhesive. So check back for that link and I can share all about it with you!

Tacky glue

Tacky glue is one of many card making glue used to create cards. It is durable then regular Elmer’s glue. It dries clear and creates a long lasting bond. Make sure to read the label to see what type of materials it is best used with.

Tip: If you are in a rush or hurry to get a card done. Do not use tacky glue. It takes a long process to dry and recommend it dry over night.

I don’t like to use it on my cards because when it dries, you can see the creation of the glue right through the paper.

Glue pens

Glue pens are great for precision gluing. It works well with glitter and for more detailed designs.

Glue Dots / Glue Roller

There are many different sizes of glue dots and many varieties of glue rollers. They are really great because they are not messy and are really sticky. I don’t like to use them because they become very costly. But it’s a great expensive glue for your creative card creations!

UHU Glue

UHU glue comes in both tube and stick. Many prefer to use this as their brand of one because it sticks better than others. All access glue can be rubbed off after it dries, using a clean pencil eraser. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve read very great reviews about it!

Ink and Ink pads

Ink and inkpads are mainly used for all rubber stamping and scrap booking purposes.

Now you can create different techniques just by knowing what type of ink and inkpads work best for you!

Use this guide to help you decide what type you should use best with your type of projects…

When I first started I used basic colors. I suggest for beginners, you might just like to use the following colors also:

* Black

* White

* Green

* Red

* And Blue

Below are 6 types of ink I am familiar with using…

Versa Color Ultimate Pigment Ink is a great cheap choice. It works really well and I like to use it for many of my creative cards.

Studio G Acid Free Pigment Ink can always be found on sale. I bought these for a $1 and it works great with little design stamps. When times are hard this is the way to go for the cheapest inkpads

Versa Mark Watermark Stamp pad is a must own. I use this type of inkpad for all of my rubber stamping creations. With it you can create very cool looking watermarks on both cards and envelopes.

Brilliance Pigment Inkpad creates a unique look of stamped images. I hardly use this type of ink. But are often used by many card lovers.

Stazon Inkpads are solvent inkpads and will definitely stain the rubber. It can be used for any surface like stamping on plastic.

Tip: Use baby wipes to clean all your stamps.

You might also like Memories Acid Free Dye Ink pads. This type of ink pad is made especially for Hero Arts Shadow Stamps. I like to use soft vanilla and soft leaf. I don’t recommend the use for gold and silver because the finished look, intend to be awful. You can decide!

Decorative Punches

I hardly use any decorative card punches, but I know many creative card lovers that do and they love it!

Some have such intricate designs that many just love to use it to create handmade cards.

When you first begin making homemade cards, you will just have to get a few. I personally have never bought any because they just cost too expensive.

But these decorative designs can last you a lifetime and once you start to use them you’ll notice their so easy to use and fun to create designable cards with!

Here are some of the basic patterns you might like:

* Corner punches or corner rounder. There great to use if you like to round off your corners. I like to use them with photos.

* Basic Shape punches. Squares, diamonds, circles, triangles, rectangles, hearts etc… They also vary in size.

* Long reach punches. Allows youto punch deeper into the inside of a card or any craft project.

* Leaves and flowers: If you love floral designs. They have a great selection on leaves and flowers that you can use for any garden or floral card ideas you have in mind

* Punch Aid. This is a great tool especially for those that love to punch a lot. I have a friend who owns one and she loves this tool. It’s one of her favorites.

Card Making Embellishments

Use this guide below to see some of the many creative card making embellishments you can use on your creative cards…

There are many things we would like to consider using on our cards. Here are some card making embellishments that you can use to add glamor, and 3-d effects to your card creations.

Many of these embellishments are like stickers, eyelets, tassels, glitter, and many more.

Creative Card Making Embellishments:

* Eyelets: There are many ways you can use eyelets. It is great for attaching clear plastic, vellum, and tags to any homemade card. You can use it for your hole punches in your card and weave wire through it.

* Brads: They are similar to eyelets but brads don’t have a hole through them. There also great for attachments and tags. Some come in decorated designs like flowers, buttons and snowflakes. They also come in color coordinate with seasons.

* Buttons: Before throwing out any loose buttons. Keep them. They make great card embellishments for any card. I used them in a creative Christmas card idea, and strung them on the tree as ornaments. So don’t throw them out.

* Alphabet Beads: You can string names, words or sayings for example… “L-O-V-E” or “B-A-B-Y”, birthday, wedding or even personal names.

More creative card making embellishments…

* Fibers: Look for any fibers you might have laying around or just so happen to come across. They are great for hanging tags, lining envelopes, stringing letters like your alphabet beads and creating bows.

* Metallic Threads: They come in many different colors and are great for creating creative tassels. You can also use them to create embroidery cards.

* Ribbons: I love to use ribbons to line my envelopes with or make bows. You can attach ribbons to any of your creative homemade cards.

Tip: You can find many card embellishments to use, like in your closets, drawers, storage bins. Remember to look before you throw away everything. Even tell friends and family they might have some things you could recycle and use for your card making embellishments.

Rubber Stamping

All about rubber stamping supplies.

Below are some of the most common creative rubber stamping supplies and tools we’ve either used or are going to use when creating creative cards.

Rubber stamps comes in many variety ways: Clear stamps, wood stamps, felt stamps and even eraser pads that you can create stamps out of.

I personally don’t like to use stamps as much. I feel that stamps can only be used in so many ways and they only have so many designs before many will be using the same stamps.

Although rubber stamping can become addictive when you start creating creative cards. You’ll want to own every design out there and every image for every occasion.

Creative rubber stamping supplies come in shapes, images, alphabets and can be worked with for many different creative card ideas.

Here are techniques you can use with all your rubber stamps:

You can do:

* Embossing

* Wrapping paper

* Water Marking

* Simple stamping

* Decorating envelopes

* Backgrounds

* And many more!

Here are some of the basic creative rubber stamping supplies that will do with any card making.

Remember, you do not need all of them some can even be substitute with items around the house.

* Clear Stamps: Clear stamps can in deed be costly. Most of them don’t even come with clear blocks for you to put your stamp on and create clear images. So before buying clear stamps think of its costly price.

* Wooded Stamps: They are the most common stamps that has been around for many years. Their cheap and some come with out wooded blocks, but that is okay because some don’t need them. They have a wide range of variety selections to choose from. This is where you would like to start. Here is a guide on recommended ink and ink pads.

* Roller Stamps: I like to call them roller stamps, because they roll out beautiful borders on your cards. They are great for creating borders on tags, cards and envelopes.

Tip: Use baby wipes to clean all your rubber stamps. Rinse them and leave it to dry. Don’t buy expensive rubber stamp cleaners as they do not work as good as baby wipes. It gets it clean!

Creative Rubber stamping Tools…

* Heat Gun: The Milwaukee heat gun is one of the most favorable heat gun used for embossing. It is inexpensive and it does the job well. I’ve known of people who actually use hot plates which can be sufficient, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance of burning any cards.

* Brayer: They brayer is very useful when creating creative cards. It is create for creating background on any card or envelope or any creative project you have in mind. Roll it on any multicolor ink pad, get it evenly on the rubber and roll away! You probably would want to include this tool on your creative rubber stamping supplies list if you do not own one yet.

* Embossing Markers: You can apply them directly to your rubber stamps using different colors for the image. Let them dry and then add your embossing powder on them. Then use them and apply them to your cards. I’ve learned that clear embossing powder works best!

Tip: Be sure to store your markers in a cool place to avoid drying out.

Today there are many rubber stamping companies with their own in house artist that design such images. Check out all the different companies and see which type of rubber stamps will work best for you.

Once you make an investment in stamps there are many enjoyable projects you can do with them and they will last you a very long time.

I hope all these handmade card making tools were helpful to you!. Don’t think you have to go out of your way to purchase all of this. Start small and once you get into doing your very own favorite hobby rather it is card making or scrapbooking, slowly you’ll start to collect many of these supplies. And before you know it you’ll have quite a collection! Have fun and enjoy creating creative crafts.

Alicia D. Walker

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