Golden Tree Frog – Some Basic Facts

Golden Tree Frogs make a great pet because they prefer living in a quiet habitat. This species lives up to six years and have an angular head with a pointed nose, with coloring of orange tan with lightly striped grey, a brown stripe around the face, and a white or cream belly. They should be fed two or three times a week, and prefer live crickets as the main course.


When picking out a Golden Tree Frog ensure it is healthy; below are suggestions:

1. Active ones are favored because alert and mobile frogs are healthy frogs.
2. Don’t pick frogs with cuts, scratches, unusual bumps, dark red markings, rostral abrasions, or underweight frogs.
3. Pass up frogs with cloudy eyes indicating illness.
4. It is recommended that new frogs be quarantined and checked by a veterinarian before introducing them to an already occupied habitat to ensure they do not infect existing frogs.


Setting up a healthy habitat for Golden Tree Frogs requires a terrarium with the following recommendations:

1. A 20 gallon terrarium measuring 24″x12″x16″ for two males and a female.

2. Tanks should contain perches, such as driftwood or vines, hiding places with large leaves, and a bowl of spring water large enough for the frog to soak in.

3. Don’t use gravel, small bark, or abrasive carpeting because these can cut their skin and are hazardous if it is swallowed; instead use moist paper towels, foam rubber or coconut husk fibers.

4. Plants are needed, but make sure that the ones selected are not poisonous to them. Artificial plants can be enfolded around their perches to give them an acceptable hiding place, and large broad-leaf plants should also be added to provide additional hiding places..

5. The humidity must be kept above 60%.and temperature maintained between 75 and 85 degrees.


The Golden Tree Frog usually prefers a diet of live crickets and should generally be fed three to six crickets approximately three times per week. Once a week other food should be added to enhance their diet, including wax worms, meal worms, silk worms, moths, flies, or other insects. Do not over feed them because they will become fat, which makes it very prone to illness and infection. To maintain healthy frogs, every third feeding adults should have the food coated with high quality reptile vitamin and mineral supplements, while juveniles should have this with every feeding.


Although many varieties of frogs that are brightly colored have toxins in their skins, these Golden Tree Frogs are not toxic.

You can obtain a Golden Tree Frog from many online stores, but they are quite an expensive purchase. However, if you research a little more, you’ll find golden tree frogs for sale too.

Alicia D. Walker

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