Eating More Salad Is Savory to the Palate and a Valid Source of Vitamins and Fiber

Salads are a great way for beginning any lunch or dinner meal. I find that due to cold and allergy season, I am less drawn to cold foods and more drawn to comfort foods. SO, what do I do? I entertain different ways of making salads more of a comfort food to appease the taste of me and my family that are still creative, comforting and healthy! I also find ways of adding fruit to my salad, whenever feasible, to increase my daily intake of fruits, grains and fiber.

Hi folks, Yes, I know, rabbit food, salads are not your first choice. BUT, OH, if your salad had a voice, it would be telling you about all the healthy fiber, vitamins and roughage that is great for your digestion. Daily requirements of vegetables, fruits and grains combined in so many ways makes food more vitamin and mineral complete, and pleasing to the palate-at best! Pick and choose a salad that is both sweet and savory to the palate- SATIATE YOUR TASTE DESIRES. Salads are a sweet way of eating more fruits and grains, or substituted and improvised, or comprised as complete meal option,too! *** I have listed a few salads that offer uncommon, nuances for creating or enjoying more salads. There are various ways of sneaking more fiber, grain, or tasty additions to your salad dishes that have a high-impact on daily nutritional requirements. Add some of my favorites or research and add some of your own additives for optimal vitamin and mineral balance.

* Coleslaw-carrot and pineapple salad- all raw, and when blended with vinegar and olive oil are tasty and pair easily with chicken, or even with BBQ ribs.

* Cold potato salad- Boiled potatoes with black olives, cumin, olive oil and vinegar- accompanied as a side dish along with tasty meat or anything.

*Apple-celery-cranberry salad- I have a terrific recipe and I also add walnuts. It’s really good! I place a piece of lettuce and a scoop of my salad on top and garnish with a small scoop of dry coconut.. Serve with meat or chicken

*Cold bean salad- Cold beans of your choice with spices and oils and refrigerated makes a great side dish. Serve with meat or chicken

*Cold beet salad- Add balsamic vinegar, or whatever you prefer, chopped herbs and spices and serve with a serving of greens for extra vitamin absorption. Serve with meat or chicken

*Cold carrot-current salad- Sliced carrots with added currents, cranberries and salt and pepper for seasoning. Serve with meat or chicken

*Cold lentil salad- Cook lentils, season as usual, let rest chill and serve as salad topped with chopped tomato and fresh parsley. Serve with meat, chicken or fish.

*Cold couscous salad- Cooked and chilled couscous with spices, chopped vegetables, herbs and spices. Serve with meat or fish.

Salad before, during or after dinner, as some cultures prefer, is a wise way of adding additional fruit, vegetable, or more fiber to your meals. You may find it to be a more savory way of enhancing the taste, it can also be a subtle way to increase your fiber intake. Find ways of adding chia seeds to your fresh fruit or salad dishes. Add almonds, seaweed, bean sprouts, olives, or any other fresh additive for more of a flavor punch and meal benefit.

*** I hope you like and utilize my salad suggestions. I have plenty of recipes and ways of eating and combining fruits and vegetables for tasty, healthy or crunchy and sweet salads. Many of my salads are just as much savory as they are healthy! Write to me with your salad suggestions and recipes or ask me questions and I can create great salad combinations easily!

*I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

Alicia D. Walker

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