Differences Amongst Kashmiri Noon Chai And Afghani Qaymaq Chai

It truly is astounding to know about various sorts of teas obtainable and well prepared throughout the planet. A person ought to know the methods and processes concerned in their preparing. It may be feasible that there are prospects to see the similarities and variances amongst them. Even though interacting with my close friends from Kashmir, I learnt to put together the most common tea of the region known as THE Noon CHAI.

Even though looking into a lot more on varieties of tea, I came across a further form of tea from Afghanistan. It is known as the AFGHANI QAYMAQ CHAI. It is a standard eco-friendly tea geared up and relished by Afghanis across the world. They actually like to eat it in the morning hrs of the day. When I observed the planning of it by a close friend of mine (launched via Facebook), I was astonished to perceive selected issues.

In this report, I would like to introduce the similarities and discrepancies among the Kashmiri Midday Chai and Afghani Qaymaq Chai. With no any more delays, I would like to showcase the similarities in between them:

1. The tea is geared up from the Eco-friendly TEA LEAVES available in the respective countries.

2. Baking Soda or baking powder is employed in the planning of the tea.

3. The preparing time consumed is really long in both of those cases.

4. It is the brewing of the tea leaves together with the baking soda or powder which authenticates the respective tea taste, shade and style.

5. There is the legitimate PINK Coloration noticed in both equally of them.

6. It is the tastes of the particular person regardless of whether they would like to consume the tea with milk or without the need of the addition of the milk.

7. The tea is commonly consumed with the usual bakery items in both equally the nations.

Apart from the similarities among the two, one particular may well notice the placing differences concerning them. These distinctions are enumerated in the adhering to fashion:

a) In Kashmiri Midday Chai, there is no addition of sugar. Only salt is utilised in the tea. On the other hand, there is addition of the sugar and no salt is included for the intake in the Afghani Qaymaq Chai.

b) In Kashmir, the ice cubes are in no way extra while brewing the tea leaves. The spoons or ladles are employed for the aeration. Whereas in Afghanistan, the ice cubes are routinely applied for correct aeration and to achieve the standard colour of the tea.

c) No cardamom powder is applied for even more flavor in the tea in Kashmir. On the other hand, in Afghanistan, cardamom powder is employed to greatly enhance the flavor of the tea.

d) In the Kashmiri preparation of the tea, there is no addition of corn starch with the milk. First of all, the tea leaves are brewed for a quite prolonged time and milk is included as a last contact of it. Contrary to this, in the Afghani tea preparing, there is addition of corn starch to give the extra glaze or shine to the tea and it is the unique preference to incorporate more amount of milk to the brewed tea decoction.

e) The development of the product is permitted and not eradicated by the Kashmiri folks. It is still left as it is in the tea to get the usual taste of it. In the Afghani Qaymaq Chai, The qaymaq or product gathered on the top of the milk is removed on normal foundation although brewing the milk and extra at the best of the tea before serving it.

Alicia D. Walker

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