Chocolate Fountains For Delicious Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue is elegantly served in chocolate fountains. The structure of a chocolate “waterfall” is made up of tiers of metal stacked one on top of the other over a heating basin. The heat in the basin keeps the chocolate liquid. A central cylinder with a rotating helical flighting moves the liquid chocolate up the fountain. The chocolate then flows down to the tiers where they can be used to dip food items like bananas, strawberries, marshmallows in.

Pure chocolate can solidify into chunks as it is moved along the chocolate fountain. Such a tendency can clog up the central cylinder of the fountain. To ensure consistency of flow, couverture chocolate, a chocolate derivative which is high in cocoa butter is mixed with the fondue. Sometimes vegetable oil is used to supplement the action of cocoa butter. Since the addition of oily substances spoil the taste of the chocolate somewhat, there are chocolate brands which are made especially for fountains. These brands have a much-reduced viscosity.

Other substances have been used to prevent the chocolate from clogging because of its sugar content, such as; chocolate syrups and dark chocolate which is 70% chocolate.

The chocolate fountain is an invention of Ben Brisman and was originally used only commercially. Then they began producing personal-use models. This is now a typical feature in weddings, and galas. Home fountains can also be seen in birthday parties and get-togethers.

The mini chocolate fountain has found use as an everyday home appliance. It can be kept and washed every day like your plates and bowls. These mini fountains are insulated on the exposed sides to prevent children from accidentally being burned. All parts can be dismantled and washed in a dish washer.

The fondue itself may come in different flavors and recipes. You can combine chocolate with hazelnuts. You can have creamy chocolate or dark chocolate fondue. Barbecue sauce has been used as an ingredient for chocolate fondues. Like wise cheese sauce is another popular variation. You can have strawberry flavored chocolate or chocolate fondue laced with coffee. Almond chocolate fondue has also been used for chocolate fountains.

A classic fondue recipe is Fondue Chocolat a la Chalet Suisse which is a mixture of toblerone, cream and brandy. It is claimed that this was the original recipe for the first chocolate fountain. The Stonehurst Manor fondue has a mixture of finely pureed raspberries and bananas mixed with the chocolate. Cinnamon and honey are also some of the popular additives used in chocolate fondue. And then, mention must be made of sugar-less chocolate fondue, especially made for diet buffs.

The chocolate fountain is now a standard table eye-turner in formal or casual social gatherings. Besides offering a topic for lively conversation, it gives the party mood an added cozy feeling. So if you are really planning for a great debut or wedding party or graduation ball, you shouldn’t overlook the chocolate fountain when making your desserts listing. You can rent them for such occasions or buy one for your personal use when you entertain at home.

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