Cell Phone Spy Supplies – Vital Tips to Protect Yourself From Your Own Family

One of the worst byproducts of a failing economy is the inability to trust your own family. Worries build up. People make poor choices. And it’s the nice guys like you and I that usually have to suffer the most consequences. That is unless they’re the type to take matters into their own hands.

But spying on your own family is wrong, isn’t it?

Not necessarily.

If you provide for your family, don’t you have a right to know what’s going on under your roof? You’ve at least earned that right.

Finding yourself unable to trust your own family is terrifying. However, many family members make the big mistake of not covering their tracks when they’re making less than smart decisions. At that point, it might be worth it to start spying on their cell phone text messages (also known as SMS).

But what if they delete their SMS from their phone?

Well, I’ve got a secret for you. People might think they’re deleted- but they’re not. Those messages stay on the SIM card. With the way technology is today, you can actually buy a gadget that helps you download information from the SIM card, upload it to your computer, and then give you the information you need almost instantly.

Sounds nice right?

It gets even better.

The technology is so smart that some gadgets let you control what numbers can be dialed from the phone with your computer. So if you have a teenager with friends that you know are trouble, you can easily block those numbers. If your spouse is stepping out on you, you can put the ball in your court by blocking the number of the other man or woman.

Yes, it might sound wrong to spy on the people that you love. But if these people are violating the trust you’ve given them, you would look like a clueless schmuck if you didn’t do anything about it. They would continue to lie to you and maybe even laugh at your ignorance.

I really hope I can save you from that.

Alicia D. Walker

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