Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179), was not only the first to increase hops to beer she was also a medic, philosopher, composer, poet, adviser to the Pontif, Kings, and other dignitaries. She was just one of the to start with to stick up for women’s rights and wrote the […]

In this particular article, I will tell you how to make different kinds of Indian sweet cakes. 1) Gram Flour Cake Instructions: Heat the little oil in a non stick pan on medium flame, add gram flour and roast it till a nice aroma starts coming. In a big bowl, […]

If you enjoy making frozen-style desserts for your family, I think you will enjoy this easy to make Ambrosia Cream Squares recipe. This recipe is done in a 4 layer technique. Please read the entire list of ingredients needed before beginning the recipe. Once it has been completed, you will […]

There are three main brewery heating options when it comes to brewing. They are: Electric heating Steam heating Direct fire Direct Fire Brewing Brewing uses an open flame as a heat source. It usually a firebox below the brew kettle. Compared to steam it’s easier and cheaper to install. When […]