3 George Foreman Grills Worth A Second Look

Grilling is not what it used to be. Some of us are even too lazy to go outside when we want fresh food. So, when it comes to grilling inside, George Foreman grills are at the top of the list when it comes to taste, price and features. They allow you to prepare freshly prepared food no matter what time of year it is. Even though there are dozens of different kinds of Foreman grills, there are a few models that are definitely worth a second look. Even if you’re not interested in buying an indoor grill, chances are good that you’ll still find yourself intrigued by these three unique machines.

George Foreman GIPOD200

When you think of George Foreman, you think of iPods, right? Well, the manufacturers of the GIPOD200 somehow made that connection themselves. This indoor/outdoor electric grill not only has a 200 square inch grilling surface, but includes a 10-Watt speaker and a dock for your iPod or mp3 player. So, now you can enjoy Yanni, or Lady Gaga or whatever the kids are listening to these days while they make their food.

The grill also comes with a stand so it can be used outside like a traditional grill when you don’t feel like using it on your counter top. It’s a great solution for a party grill when you don’t want to deal with lighting up coals or messing around with gas.

George Foreman Next Grilleration G5

If you enjoy Swiss Army knives and indoor grills, why not mix the two together? Then Next Grilleration G5 is unique among George Foreman grills because it has five different cooking surfaces that can easily snap on and off of the unit depending on what type of food you want to make. In the mood for grilled chicken? Snap on the traditional grill surface. Family hungry for steaks? Snap on the specially designed steak grilling surface. Have you ever tried to bake a pizza with an electric grill? It’s a pretty simple task when you have the special baking grill surface. The final two surfaces allow the grill to work as a griddle and a waffle maker.

George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill with Bun Warmer

In reality, this one is not much to look at, but it is incredibly unique when you consider the price. A brand new GR10ABW Champ can be purchased for under $20 if you look in the right places. Besides the low price, the grill boasts a grilling surface of about 40 square inches as well as a bun warmer on top. It’s the perfect solution for college students, singles and anyone else who gets the craving for great tasting grilled food. But, it’s the price that makes this one worth a second look.

Out of all of the George foreman grills on the market, these three are quite unique. They aren’t necessarily the best sellers, but it would be hard to deny that they are all worth a second look.

Alicia D. Walker

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