10 Tips to Get the Most From Your Senseo Coffee Maker

If you’re an owner of one of the fantastic Senseo coffee makers with a pod brewer, I’m sure you already know that the coffee pods provide a perfect combo of convenience and great taste. What you may need to learn is how to get the utmost from your Senseo coffee pods with every single cup. To help you create the best possible cup of Joe, here are a list of ten Senseo coffee maker tips:

1. Do your best to keep your Senseo coffee maker clean. Clean the exterior of your coffee brewer when you splash coffee all over it and, every once in a while, run a brewing cycle without a coffee pod in the machine to flush out the brewer. You don’t want the remains of your cup from last week in this week’s cup.

2. Always put your unused Senseo coffee pods in an airtight container or ziplock bag to maintain freshness.

3. The cleaner and fresher your water is, the better your coffee will taste. Fill the Senseo brewer’s reservoir with purified or bottled water to improve the overall taste of your coffee or tea.

4. Never reuse the old coffee pods. You might be thinking that this will save money and, to be honest, it very well could but you won’t get the best taste for your coffee.

5. If you use cream or milk in your coffee add it to your cup before brewing. Not only will this keep your coffee from cooling too quickly, it preserves Senseo’s famous crema layer.

6. Before brewing make sure your cup is at least warm. You can heat it up by filling it with hot water. A warm mug will keep your drink from cooling for a longer period of time.

7. Don’t put too much water in the reservoir. Make sure the Senseo brewer’s water level indicator is right on; adding too much water could overflow the reservoir and damage your machine.

8. Get rid of any build-up in your machine every three months by running a cycle with white vinegar. This will prevent the excess build up of minerals that can hinder your coffee maker’s performance.

9. Before you put your coffee pods in the machine moisten them a little. A damp pod produces a much better seal in the Senseo coffee maker and improves the extraction process.

10. Senseo coffee makers can be set for one- or two-cup brewing and hold up to two coffee pods. For those of you who like a strong cup or need an extra kapow in the morning, insert two pods but push the button to brew a single cup.

Alicia D. Walker

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