Characteristics of Environment-Friendly Office Products and Supplies

In today’s inflating economy, everybody wants to find ways to cut cost and earn more revenue. But more importantly, we want to be able to do this while not hammering the environment, or even to ourselves, all the disadvantages. Let’s find out how we can carry on achieving our goals while not harassing the natural world by learning the characteristics, and taking advantage, of environment-friendly office products and supplies.

Recycled Content

One of the basic characteristics of a green office supply is its recycled content. There are a lot of office products that can be produced with recycled materials, making it less dependent on fresh content, which the mother Earth is already dying about producing. For instance, in order to produce copy papers and envelopes, large quantities of wood pulp are extracted, processed and used. By recycling dated books, used papers and other products items created with the use of wood pulp, new supplies can be generated with less required from the nature.


Office products that are refillable also support green living. For instance, printer ink cartridges and white board markers can be refilled with ink. Since there is no need for another ink cartridge to make the printer useful, or another marker, it reduces the production of materials required to create such products. Furthermore, refillable products allow you to save money since you will only have to allocate budget for the refill, not for another container.


Remanufactured office furniture pieces are hand-me-down items that are disassembled into pieces and then the parts are inspected, cleaned, repaired, refinished, replaced, and reassembled. Products of this kind match the condition of the brand-new items, but only they are a bit cheaper when returned to the market. Processing of remanufactured products won’t require as many new materials, making it another venue to support environment conservation.


From the term itself, these are products made of materials that will decompose relatively fast. Bacteria mainly participate in this natural biological process. While others thought that biodegradable products can possibly harm the environment, it is only when decomposition takes a slower pace with the absence of moisture and air, which releases a greenhouse gas called methane. The fabric used in office chairs, wood in tables and papers are a few examples of biodegradable materials.

Energy Efficient

As the world moves forward, more and more energy-efficient products are coming into the market replacing the energy suckers. In fact, this feature has been a key selling point for every equipment manufacturer. The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environment Protection Agency joined forces to form ENERGY STAR – a joint program intended to help all of us save money and together protect the environment. To ensure the products are energy efficient, check on the ENERGY STAR label. Only qualified products have this.


Exciting products make the modern life today. However, don’t forget to check on how one product you use is composed every so often, because you may never know you already are inhaling cancer-causing agents when you lay on your couch, or every time you smell that ink from the marker when you scribble onto a white board. Opting for guaranteed non-toxic products helps protect your health from continuous harmful assaults beyond what your senses can become aware of.


While most of the office products in the market nowadays are a result of a creative innovation, some are made based on what can be found in the environment. Lotusan paint, for instance, is inspired by the characteristics of a Lotus leaf, which resists water or wax on its upper layer. This trait makes walls painted with Lotusan paint dirt and water repellent. Another nature-inspired product that is still in the development stage is the Gecko tape, which is a gum less tape inspired of the Gecko lizard’s setae that makes climbing up like walking on the floor.

Renewable Energy Powered

With more and more solar kit penetrating the market, the next thing to looking for are those office products that can be operated using the energy coming from a solar apparatus. Typically, home and office lighting can be powered by solar energy. Thus, it’s a solution for reducing part of the bill. And with a renewable energy powered workplace, projects are carried out cheaper, which mean more production and revenue.

Alicia D. Walker

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