Dark Chocolate – A Great Stress Reliever

Chocolate is the most luscious, the most tempting and the most irresistible sweets in the whole planet. One look at it is enough to tell you that it is very delicious and just a small bite could start your craving and you would end up asking for more. What is it with chocolate that it lures everyone to it? I myself am a chocolate lover and I always see to it that I get to eat chocolates every now and then because that’s what I love to do. I love to eat chocolates. But I am nothing compared to how L.A. Lakers superstar; Lamar Odom is addicted to it. He’s so into it. He brings a pack every practice and eats a lot of it.

However, the thing is that chocolate is not good for our health especially in huge quantities. It is the main reason why people gain weight. It is also said that it could give you diabetes and other health problems as well. People used to say that if you want to live long and healthy, chocolates are one of the things that you should avoid. That has changed now. Science has proven that dark chocolates are good for you. It could help prevent high blood pressure and even heart disease. Weird, right? Well, I will explain to you further.

Warning: dark chocolate is really good for you but that doesn’t mean that you are now allowed to eat sacks of it per day. Too much of anything is bad.

There are case studies that tested subjects by feeding them dark chocolate. The results are astounding. These subjects had indeed shown signs of lowered blood pressure, the majority of them, at the very least. It is also proven that it is much healthier than prescription drugs. Dark chocolates also contains anti-oxidants. This anti – oxidants are very beneficial because they remove toxins from the body and other free radicals. These toxins and free radicals are the reasons behind many types of diseases and that definitely includes heart disease. Dark chocolates also relieve stress and help you get into a good mood. The reason is the cocoa content of dark chocolate which has phenols, a known anti – oxidant. So if you are planning to eat sweets, eat dark chocolates instead of other sweets.

Before you dive into these chocolates, a friendly reminder. To get the full effect of the anti-oxidant in the dark chocolate, you should eat it alone, you should not partake any other food or drink together with it because it would cancel the anti – oxidant. Also, remember to partake it in moderation because too much of anything is bad. Also, take care of your teeth. After eating dark chocolates, you should always remember to brush your teeth.

So now all you chocolate lovers have an excuse not to avoid it. Eat in moderation; eat it for your health. Eat it because you love it.

Alicia D. Walker

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