Birthday Party Supplies – Planning a Party, New Tips, Ideas & More

Whether it is your child’s, best friend’s, husband’s, or even your dog’s birthday and you want to make it special, while also putting the least amount of stress on you as possible. So how do you do it? Planning parties have always been associated with headaches and you don’t need to add another one to your already busy life. Here are some basic essentials to get your birthday party started with a bang! Who knows….you might even enjoy planning it.

  • Pass The Food Please!: Though no one likes to say it out loud, we’re a country that has a focus on our food…and on our dessert. Make sure to plan on your guests eating until they can’t eat anymore. And then going back for seconds and thirds.
  • The Cake: Remember the cake when planning a birthday party. You can have it specially made, pick one up from the store, or if you want to go all out, make it yourself. To really please your guests, add some ice cream on the side and dig in!
  • Tableware and Silverware: Tablecloths and tableware come in every color. Have fun and match it to the theme around instead of going with plain old white. You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make in your overall atmosphere. Get about 20% more plates, cake plates, cups, and silverware than number of guests because many of them will have two or more plates. If you end up with extras, don’t do the dishes for the next day or two for an after party relaxer!
  • Decorations: You can go simple with a few streamers and balloons or really wow your guests by adding simple touches like colored or white holiday lights. Get a few central pieces for your decor that match your theme like ‘bee’ balloons for a bug party or a chocolate fountain for those more elegant birthdays and you’re sure to be a success.
  • Party Favors: Every great party has party favors to have your guests leaving with the party still high on their mind. Remember to match age and theme when picking up your party favors. You don’t want to have five year old’s friends going home with make up kits! Be extravagant if it’s in your budget, but there’s certainly no need to break the bank to have happy party goers.

Tip: Look at your local party store or online for birthday party kits, and it will make your planning a lot easier especially for those first few birthdays!

If you can remember these party birthday supplies, you will relieve your mind of birthday planning stress and be able to focus more on that important person the birthday is all about. Pull off a party worth talking about!

Alicia D. Walker

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